Harold Van Colle.


I want to put forward some ideas with a view
to the ultimate construction of a MODEL to explain, as far as possible,
human behaviour and experiences (including some "paranormal") by
incorporating "REASONABLE ASSUMPTIONS" where the purely scientific model is
lacking. I welcome criticisms and alternative suggestions, hoping
that SIMPLICITY will be a feature so that the maximum number of people will
be able to understand, both lay and professional. Simple ideas can always
be expanded into more complex ones in the minds of those who wish to do so.

When considering my "reasonable assumptions" I would humbly suggest that
attempting to join them together is important to show their
interrelationship. Also extrapolation is important to see the relevance of an idea in
other situations. But I must emphasise that I do not regard my ideas a
"final statements", only ideas to be "kicked around", criticised and
improved if possible, always with the creation of a model in mind.

These ideas have developed over many years . I write them in as logical a sequence as I
can, but if readers feel that not only criticisms, alterations and
alternative suggestions need to be stated, but also some re-arrangement to
make the emergence of a model more visible, then of course I hope the
appropriate suggestion will be stated for all to consider.

The following are my 25 "REASONABLE ASSUMPTIONS":

1. DOMINATION. This concept is basic. It is a relative term, and can be
applied to almost anything in Nature. In particular it is an essential
consideration in respect of the functioning of the brain-mind system, and
explains "selection" during stimulus and response activity. It came to my
mind during dowsing experiments. An example in Nature is the effect of
sunlight upon the eyes of the viewer. In daylight it dominates the viewer's
eyes which then apply a restrictive mechanism to prevent damage, and in so
doing prevents seeing the weaker light of the stars.

2. "UFX" (Universal Field X) in which ALL things, brain-states, people,
natural events etc etc. exist, and which INTERACT with UFX producing
"RESULTANTS" or, as suggested by Anne Miller, "SIGNATURES". In dowsing
there must exist some relationship between the particular brain-state of
the dowser and the "object" he/she seeks, both of which exist in UFX which
also acts as the CARRIER. This idea brings MENTAL TELEPATHY into the

3. "IMPREGNATION". Homoeopathy is an example, also the "memory of water",
implying that all things are capable of being "impregnated" by substances,
thoughts, events etc., leaving "records" of the substances, thoughts,
events etc., the records not being detectable by normal scientific means,
nevertheless having effects similar to the originals. This gives clues in
respect of GHOSTS and other PARANORMAL EXPERIENCES, also provides possible
explanations regarding the HOMING of birds, fish and animals.
"IMPREGNATIONS" exist in UFX therefore will also interact to produce
"RESULTANTS" or "SIGNATURES". It is worth considering the fact that when
daylight ( in the "role" of UFX) impinges upon a substance an interaction
takes place where some of the spectrum is absorbed by the substance, and
the remainder (equivalent to "resultants") is reflected and received by
the eyes of a viewer to be interpreted by the brain as colour and shape.

4. THE BRAIN. An integral part of the body (not a separate organ) which
RECORDS all EXPERIENCES (of all the senses, also thoughts and actions) as a
storehouse for MEMORY. RECORDS have varying degrees of "POWER", the most
powerful becoming DOMINATING (relatively speaking). This concept would
provide explanations for habits, phobias, fears etc. and the variations in
the ability to remember. A RECORD can be likened to an ELECTRIC BATTERY
with a lamp attached. The greater the power of the battery, the brighter
the light; the brighter the light the more DOMINATING is its effect. The
battery analogy ( although of course not accurate in true anatomical and
physiological terms) explains, as a principle, the occurrence of a FADING
MEMORY ( like a fading battery and light) and how it can be RECHARGED by a
repetition of the original experience to a "power" greater than ever
before. That would explain the term REINFORCEMENT in psychology.

5. "MENTAL NOISE". This is caused by the operation of the CRITICAL
FACULTY. It interferes with the RECORDING PROCESS of the brain. As most
recall from schooldays how often we were told to "PAY ATTENTION". If we
do not pay attention it could mean that an individual's brain is focused on
other things or thoughts, and that would reduce the brain's ability to
record other inputs via the ears, eyes, mouth etc. So thoughts about other
matters when one should be paying attention is my definition of "MENTAL
NOISE". HYPNOSIS is a mental state during which MENTAL NOISE IS REDUCED
(very considerably in many cases) allowing the brain to record what the
hypnotist is saying more powerfully. I use it briefly at the end of a
session simply to be able to repeat some of the important things I have
said previously in order to aid the patient's subsequent ability to
remember. I do not regard it as a "treatment". The problem of "mental
noise" is that it affects people who are prone to constantly analysing
everything while in progress, and that would immediately block off that
person's ability to gain access to any psychic power he/she might possess.
PSYCHIC POWER is a PRIMITIVE ability provided by Nature for SURVIVAL.

6. DOWSING (or Divining) is factual. It is a basic instinct for SURVIVAL
both for animals and plants in respect of needing water and food.
Animals are led, AUTOMATICALLY (I have experimented and proved the point to
my satisfaction), to that which they need if they are unable to know via
their normal senses. Even plants send out roots towards water. We humans
have caught the "end of a primitive thread" and use it for other purposes.
But would-be dowsers will lose contact with the end of the "thread" if they
mentally analyse using their critical faculty during the process, or
harbour other thoughts of expectation as to where what they are seeking
might be. MASS and DISTANCE can affect dowsing, depending upon how the
dowser's mind is organised.

7. MENTAL TELEPATHY is factual for me. I have engaged in literally
thousands of experiments over the last three decades. Not only does it
manifest itself in thought form (as commonly happens between two close
people), but experimentally it can affect people PHYSICALLY without their
being consciously aware of anything until the physical effect takes place.
An eminent member of SMN was a subject of my experiments, but I will not
disclose his name unless I receive his permission.

understanding almost every facet of human activity. I cannot say too much
because I have to avoid preconditioning the mind of the reader. I urge
everyone to explore, fully, the significance of IDEO-MOTOR ACTIVITY. It
not only explains human activities, but also explains the AUTOMATIC walking
of animals in, for example, a drought situation. It is also the key to

9. CLAIRVOYANCE and CLAIRAUDIENCE are "paranormal" effects resulting from
people with exceptional psychic ability receiving "resultants" stemming
from the interaction of "impregnations" with "UFX".

10. PSYCHIC ABILITY is usually profound in individuals who are able to set
aside their critical faculty when seeking to connect with the more
primitive instincts of animals, and thus become more OPEN MINDED when
involved with psychic activities. The critical faculty blocks off
primitive instincts. A psychologist I know did a 3-year research on mental
telepathy in children and found that it occurred very powerful at around
the age of 3, and slowly diminished as the children got older. The reason
was obvious to me. As the child grew older, so his/her critical faculty became more and more developed and used.

11. LOVE. A difficult one !! But I am sure it is connected with SURVIVAL.
One has only to observe, say, a lioness and her cubs, to be aware of love
as an instinct. We humans have widened its meaning. Let me quote from an
essay by Aldous Huxley : "... Of all the worn, smudged, dog's-eared words
in our vocabulary, "love" is surely the grubbiest, smelliest, slimiest.
Bawled from a million pulpits, lasciviously crooned through hundreds of
millions of loud-speakers, it has become an outrage to good taste and
decent feeling, an obscenity which one hesitates to pronounce. And yet it
has to be pronounced, for, after all, Love is the last word." If human
beings were to love one another in all the various ways that love manifests
itself, we would have the nearest thing to Utopia. Ego is the villain in
the piece. But no person can PROVE to another that he/she loves the other.

12. EGO. Self-awareness ("because I think I am") in the forms of
personal, local, national and religious. Think of how divisive nationalism
and religious fervour are, and how many wars have been and still are being
waged as the result. Think of what individuals do to one another because of
threats or attacks upon egos. So EGO SURVIVAL has become almost as
important as physical survival. In some instances even more important.
Most animals do not have the problems arising from self-awarenes. I doubt
whether there is any connection between, say, the domination of one member
of a herd or group (e.g. apes) and human ego, the former being quite
instinctive, arranged by Nature for survival. But like consciousness,
nobody can prove self-awareness.

13. SEXUAL ACTIVITY. Obviously sexual desire is another survival
mechanism. If sexual pleasure was not included, who would bother ?!!!
However, science produced the ways a means of defeating Nature's intentions
with contraception, thus making sexual pleasure an "entertainment",
sometimes almost a drug. APPETITE FOR FOOD is on a par with sexual
activity. Who would eat if without appetite ? Again one of Nature's
survival mechanisms. Many people have turned it into an entertainment.
Animals rarely do that. We could learn a lot from the animal kingdom

14. SENSUAL FEELINGS. Very much affected by thoughts. Appetites for food,
sex, tobacco, alcohol etc. are often CREATED AND INTENSIFIED by thoughts.
These are excellent examples of MIND-BODY RELATIONSHIPS. But in the same
way as the appetites can be created, they CAN ALSO BE REMOVED by
thoughts.An amusing (I think !!) example is of a man drinking a pint of
Halfway through he needs to go to the loo. When he puts his glass on the
pub counter he feels someone might drink it. So he puts a note beneath the
glass reading : "I've spat in it". When he returns he finds that the note
also bears the words "Me too". Probably both statements were untrue, but
if his mind believes it, he certainly wont fancy drinking the beer.!!

15. "POSITIVE THINKING". This cliche is misleading. It is often interpreted
as suggesting that one should be "MORE POSITIVE". If in ordinary daily
life no person and no thing is opposing you, why does one need to be MORE
positive? A useful example is bed-making. Assuming a person is asked to
make a bed, but does not like making beds -- for reasons of necessity,
conscience or even love of someone the person decides to make the bed and
does it UNWILLINGLY; the physical result will be that the action of, for
example, tucking the sheet in will be governed by the message from the
brain to the arm muscles to push etc., But the other message of "I don't
really want to be doing this" will result in another set of arm muscles
PULLING THE ARM AWAY FROM THE BED. The results will include stress for the
person, wasted energy, inferior bed-making, taking longer time etc.
Another excellent example of mind-body relationships. Just think of how
many extrapolations one can make from this simple example. That is why the
words "try", "determination" and "hope" should not be used in ordinary
everyday situations. The bed-making example can be verified by experiments
in ideo-motor activity.

16. "HOMING" of animals. All animals "impregnate" their home bases, hence
to return home they are "dowsing for themselves" leading to "automatic"
flying, swimming or walking. Of course this would not apply in situations
when their normal senses would guide them. There are other alternative
natural forces which guide them, but the ultimate destination requires
greater precision, e.g. cats and dogs travelling long distances to return

17. "AUTOMATIC" DRAWING and WRITING. I have found, by experiments, that
OBJECTS . are "impregnated", and if a person's hand is placed over an
object (preferably old), and the person wants it, the writing hand will
either draw something or write words(depending upon the experimenter's
wish), seemingly according to the what the "impregnations" contain. Such
experiments are best carried out by people who are aware of strong psychic
ability, and are able to avoid the use of the critical faculty.
"Automatic" drawing will also take place in response to WORDS e.g. "woman"
, "fish", "countryside" etc., also words such as "platinum", "copper
molecule", "electrons" etc. Care must be taken to avoid any mental picture
forming while the experiment is in progress. Words only should be repeated.

18. BRAIN PATTERNS. I constructed what I called a "brain apparatus" to be
able to dowse over my own brain. I made a "helmet" from bent cane (the kind
used for basket-making) and attached 91 wires (quite arbitrary) at
different positions to spread over the skull, each position being numbered
and recorded on a chart. Each wire was attached at the other end to a
nut-bolt being one of 91 nuts and bolts fixed on a bakelite panel in a
circle, each again being numbered according to its number on the "helmet".
In the centre of the bakelite panel I fixed a knob with a metal pointer
going from the knob and extending over (not touching) the circle of the
heads of the nuts of above the surface of the bakelite. Attached to the
spindle on which the knob was fixed was a length of wire, the end of which
became my dowsing "target". So I had a complete connection from my head to
the end of the wire from the spindle. I then engaged upon concentrating
on certain words (mentally repeating them) and in so doing turned the knob
over the heads of the nuts with my left hand while dowsing with a pendulum
with my right hand. The reactions I got for each were different, with
several reaction points occurring for each word i.e. a different pattern
for each word. As a guideline I would mention that the wires from the
"helmet" were long enough to hang as a pigtail. I found some significance
(not totally understandable) in the variations of the patterns according to
the words chosen, and they could include e.g. man, woman, ape, parsley,
nettles, copper, numbers and fractions, chemicals, parts of the body etc.
etc. (Note: I see no reason why one cannot dowse over someone else's

more difficult than Love. I will now quote from my own book:

Imagine the UNCONSCIOUS level of the brain-mind system to be a really dark
place, so that a person cannot know or 'see' what is there. When the brain
is stimulated by any word, situation, smell, sound etc., the brain's
mechanism makes contact with ALL the records associated with the stimulus,
but only that record or those records which are sufficiently powerful
[please refer to "reasonable assumption" 4] will cause the information to
make its way along, shall I say, a dark passage which becomes progressively
brighter as the information's journey continues [i.e. the information
which was stored in the record and released after stimulation]. At a
certain point when the passage has enough illumination to enable the
individual to catch a momentary glimpse of what the information might be,
but is still unable to identify it, then I would say that the information is
in the SUBCONSCIOUS. Some people would then describe the situation as
"being on the tip of my tongue". Eventually when the person's brain
activity is quiet, even momentarily free from "mental noise", the
information is likely to emerge into his " mind" or CONSCIOUS awareness.
I will leave it thus, expecting your views.

20. RECORDS. Records in the brain are, at least of two kinds. The first
are the INHERITED records associated with survival, enabling babies to
"know" how to suckle, and to control their bodily functioning in all
important ways. Inherited records also contain information governing
physical features , strengths/weaknesses, potential abilities and controls
for the autonomous system etc. The second, ACQUIRED records are those
formed as the result of experiences. As already explained, records vary in
power. So for any one word or other form of stimulus there are probably
several relative records of associated experiences, each of those records
being of different power. Initially the information released into the
mind following a stimulus will come from the record of greatest power, i.e.
the most dominating one. Powerful records are formed by (a) REPETITION
(reinforcement) , (b) GREATER ATTENTION (more important), and (c) CHILDHOOD
EXPERIENCES (less "mental noise").

21. HEALING. I regard healing as an extremely important topic. First one must recognise that, ultimately, the living body
heals itself. Only when the body's own systems fail to cope with damage,
infections, etc. does it become necessary for survival to bring in
assistance. I think of doctors as being "firemen" in emergencies. If
possible, in normal circumstances, to remain alive should not require
"firemen" to be at one's side all the time.

There are, of course, many exceptional circumstances when assistance in the
form of medicines, surgery, physio- chemo-radio-therapy might be essential.
However, one of the commonest causes of the body's immune system and
other systems to malfunction is STRESS resulting from mental conflict--
physical forces acting in opposition. Stress in humans is somewhat like the
"FIGHT OR FLIGHT" mechanism in animals, the main difference being that the
stress in most animals only arises during the actual period of danger,
after which the animal returns to normal. In humans, any experience of
threat, whether to life or possessions or ego, will not only give rise to
stress at the time, but because the threat is recorded in the brain,
subsequent thoughts about the threat will cause a reoccurrence of stress
unless the individual concerned has found a way of ensuring his ability to
overcome a reoccurrence of the actual threat.

So apart from resorting to the usual medical treatments when necessary, the
medicines being equivalent to dealing with e.g. invading bacteria which are
not being dealt with by the body's own immune system, it becomes important
for a healer (or psychotherapist) to help a person suffering from mental
conflict to remove negative thoughts which might be opposing a person's
will, or to help a person to recognise when something is beyond his/her
control and accept the fact. To refuse to do so would mean "fighting the
unfightable". Result -- permanent stress. FAITH has to be part of one's
thinking, recognising that we are all at risk, nobody having been given any
guarantee. Faith can be in anything from God to a rabbit's paw, so long as
it is genuine. FAITH IMPLIES THE ABSENCE OF NEGATIVE. When considering
the activities of HEALERS, the greater the faith of the healer in
himself/herself and his/her activities, so the greater will be the effect
of the forces being channelled, even more so when the patient has faith in
the healer.


22. REASON. In order to reach a conclusion for the purpose of creating a
basis for understanding and, frequently, decision-making, one is involving
the network of information of all kinds, all experiences, stored as records
in the brain. Depending upon what has given rise to that mental activity,
what motivation, or purpose, so the brain gets busy making connections with
all relevant records, especially those concerned with the experiences
associated with "cause and effect".

Depending upon the extent of an individual's ability to use LOGIC and
EXTRAPOLATION, giving rise to analytical thinking (often at a subconscious
or even unconscious level), so conclusions are reached on occasions.
Sometimes the conclusions have to be unscientific (unproven in strictly
scientific terms), because an individual's reasoning might be based on
experiences which are personal, and not necessarily experiences of the
majority. Frequently, communication concerning such personal experiences
will become meaningful only to those having had similar experiences,
leaving others SCEPTICAL . Thus the world is filled with people all with
their own range of personal experiences, all recorded in their brains, but
making communication difficult on many occasions----- the INADEQUACY OF
LANGUAGE and REASON becoming apparent.

And not all reasoning is based, necessarily, upon the experiences recorded
in the brain. It is sometimes based upon, or influenced by, INSTINCT or
INTUITION, both really unscientific in their nature, but nevertheless
playing an extremely important role in a person's everyday life, making it

In my efforts to reach "REASONABLE ASSUMPTIONS" for the purpose of creating
a model to help make an individual's life more meaningful, the assumptions
being necessary to fill the gaps in the model because of the limitations of
the scientific method, I suppose I am using experiences, instincts, and
intuitions, plus one BELIEF only (for me, others might have several) namely
GOD. I have been told by Christian de Quincey that, in terms of logic, my
belief in God cannot be regarded as a reasonable assumption. The only
answer I will give against his view is that I have not defined God, and
have no intention of doing so. I have no wish to say anything that will
precondition a person to accept my belief, nor do I wish to argue in any
way to attempt to destroy anyone's beliefs. We are all entitled to hold
beliefs and views of a personal nature, none of which can be proved nor
disproved by argument or science. Perhaps because, even with all the
scientific miracles, life and living is for most people such a puzzle, we
can only carry on by having what could be called some "reasonable beliefs"
as well as "reasonable assumptions".


23. THE INFLUENCE OF "NAMES". When considering the methodology of SCIENCE,
because most ultimate scientific statements are reasonably true FACTS,
based upon measurement and experiments which can be REPLICATED by ANYONE
knowing all the work, thinking, reasoning etc which led to reaching the
ultimate FACT, one can conclude that such facts can rarely become subjects
for debate, only, perhaps, for expansion. Perhaps in theoretical physics,
for example, debate will of course continue. My "reasonable
assumptions" do not come into the same category as scientific facts. They
are simply the matters which the scientific method cannot get to grips
with, but are nevertheless often much more important to life and living
than the scientific facts, making life more meaningful, influencing

When a particluar person becomes acclaimed as being an EXPERT in his field
(other than science), for example in difficult areas such as
"consciousness", "mind", "spirit", "soul", "love", "faith" and, perhaps
more importantly, areas of INTANGIBLE matters where one is EXPERIMENTING
and EXPERIENCING, e.g. "paranormal", if the experimenter or investigator
has no opinions of his own and bases his understanding solely upon what
he/she reads or hears on the matter emanating from someone who he/she
considers to be an expert (a "NAME"), then the result will be that
according to the degree of faith that person has in the particular expert,
so the POWER OF THE BRAIN RECORDINGS of what the expert says will be
affected. The more a person is regarded by any individual as being an
EXPERT, the more attention will he/she pay to his statements, leading to
more powerful brain records, those in turn becoming more DOMINATING and
influencing that individual's ability to think for himself, and probably
influencing the logic he/she brings to bear on subsequent matters.

I feel that this assumption calls for, a great deal of consideration and
discussion, especially when giving thought to some current methods of
education. Some methods do not encourage students to THINK, but rather to MEMORISE and
to CROSS-REFERENCE (bibliography) almost every idea or fact with what
someone else (a "name") has written on the matter. What I say here
is NOT (and I can only ask that you believe me, I cannot prove it !!!)
intended to be boastful in any way. It is merely a statement of fact, and
I believe its significance is very important. The fact is that, during my
whole life (except perhaps when I studied pharmacy, calling for little more
than memorising anyway at that time, over 60 years ago), I read very few
books. I learnt nearly everything by becoming involved and having
EXPERIENCES, and learning by a process of making mistakes and analysing
them. I am well aware that that last statement will give rise to a lot of
eyebrow raising, and I will be the first one to agree that I should not
like to be operated upon by anyone whose sole basis for learning was the
method I have stated !! I will say the same for many other professions
and skills which could affect the lives and limbs of human beings. So I
hope I shall not become embroiled in arguments with outraged readers on
that score !!!!! The "model" I am striving to create is NOT a collection
of "facts", but rather a series of STIMULATIONS , causing, I hope, the
reader to THINK for him/herself and to engage in discussion and argument,
so that the ultimate model will be based on a COLLECTIVE EFFORT, rather
than coming just from me.

What I am referring to are the subtleties of life, even though, for me, it
included, in addition, my wandering into all kinds of activities including
chiropody, pharmacy, commerce, shipping, manufacturing, banking,
collecting, auctions, music, art, archaeology and three years EXPERIMENTAL
research into "paranormal" phenomena followed by 30 years of psychotherapy
practice , still continuing. I certainly had no leaning towards
mathematics. It all started with an unexpected experience with a twig.
During the first couple of days of experiments after the "twig"
experience (dowsing) I quickly discovered that by reading any book on
dowsing, I was getting results that were mostly misleading, and giving rise
to false results. That was because my brain was absorbing the "facts" from
the books which recorded in my brain, and led to EXPECTATIONS based upon
those recorded "facts". So I immediately abandoned all reading so as to be
able to proceed with an OPEN MIND, not pre-conditioned. (Most fears and
phobias, and their physical symptoms, are produced by expectations caused
by the recording of previous experiences).

So as a conclusion I would recommend that, whenever appropriate, and in
respect of the frequently intangible areas under discussion, if one does
read or hear matters expressed by so-called experts, don't just accept
without question. Don't doubt that some of your own views might be more
worthy than the ones you heard or read. Think things out for yourself, and
don't be afraid to challenge simply because you are afraid that someone
might think you foolish !!!!!!!! If someone does think you foolish, SO


24. MAKING MISTAKES. This has occupied my mind for many years, and has
come to the forefront because of one recent event, namely the unthinkably
cruel, wicked and horrible deaths of the three innocent children in
Northern Ireland. I have a definition of a FOOL: "not one who makes a
mistake, but one who does not learn from it.." So mistakes are really
teachers. Does not a baby learn to walk by falling over ?

Nature has provided survival mechanisms in various forms, one of which is
the sending of SIGNALS when something concerning the wellbeing of an animal
or human being is threatened. Those signals are usually in the form of
PAIN, the pain manifesting itself PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY or EMOTIONALLY, or
any combination of those. In reaching this "assumption" I reflect upon,
in particular, all the horror that mankind has inflicted upon itself in the
form of wars, crimes against humanity in the form of "ethnic cleansing",
the holocaust, murder etc etc etc. The list seems almost endless, and it
seems, too, that mankind is not a particularly fast learner. Considering
the very short time (historically speaking) that "man" has lived upon this
planet compared with creatures of the animal kingdom, think what a mess
"man" has made of the planet, the environment, and especially his own life
(in terms of contentment and happiness, not simply physical wellbeing).
Animals, some species living on the planet for millions of years, did not
wreak such havoc. Perhaps animals should be our object lessons. Unhappily
mankind is messing things up for them too. Unfortunately the blessing of
the critical faculty in "man" is certainly a double-edged sword.

So, on reflection, it seems to me that all the horrors mankind has caused
do, to some extent (but not enough) cause MENTAL PAIN (CONSCIENCE) in
people whose brain-mind systems are not dominated by other ideas which
block-off conscience. About the recent barbaric act in Northern Ireland, I
have to think that the lives of the three innocent children were sacrificed
in order, it is hoped, that the minds of those involved (including those
who condoned the events which led to the murders) will suffer via their
consciences, and that the consequence will be that the lives, and more
importantly, the quality of the lives of those still here, and future
generations, will improve. That quality will not depend upon material
benefits only, but perhaps upon the quality of the mental processes of
people generally. Hence my wish to see the establishment of some sort of
model which will aid the mental processes of the mass of humanity, not
simply an elite few, something which will improve the capacity of an
individual to THINK FOR HIMSELF, and not completed dominated by the words
of others.

Let us hope that the formation of the European Union is a sign that the
last two World Wars have taught some folk something that the sacrifice of
millions of people was not in vain. That matters can be settled via reason
instead of physical brutality. To make sure that progress in that direction
can be maintained, and even accelerated, consideration must be given to the
question of "POWERBROKERS" (a word supplied -- thank you --by a
correspondent, Michael Brown), that whoever has power shall not use it
other than, in the main, for the benefit of mankind. I know it sounds
idealistic ( I do not usually indulge in idealism), but I am sure that what
I am saying represents the DIRECTION in which mankind must travel if living
on this planet is to be, at the very least, reasonably tolerable.

25. CONSCIOUSNESS. The subject of "consciousness" seems to be attracting more attention than practically any other feature of living things, especially among scientists
and philosophers, and seminars on the topic are taking place worldwide. I
have tried to extract, from some of those involved, logical reasons for
such inverstigation, asking ( when conclusions have been reached and some
understanding achieved about human consciousness, if ever) whether mankind
will benefit in the living of ordinary everyday life, and what the benefit
will be. To date I have not received any logical answers. I have the
feeling that the feature of "curiosity" dominates the minds of many people
to the extent that it blocks off awareness of WHY they are so involved. So
my "reasonable assumption" regarding "consciousness" is definitely going to
be simplified with the intention of making it as meaningful as possible for
Mr. & Mrs. Everyman. I have always considered "consciousness" as something
unique, therefore not allowing for the use of the common tactic of
explanation by analogy. For that reason I thought I would depart from the
usual practice of expressing my personal assumption to begin with, and
refer to an old dictionary of psychology to see what it has to say. It
reads :"CONSCIOUSNESS. A character belonging to certain processes or
events in the living organism, which must be regarded as unique, and
therefore indefinable in terms of anything else, but which can perhaps be
best described as a view of these processes or events, as it were, from the
inside --- the individual is, as it were, inside what is happening; the
adjective 'conscious', is ordinarily employed as a synonym for 'aware' ,
but this is a popular rather than scientific usage."

Quite obviously, while some aspects of "awareness" could be considered as
consciousness for humans, it must be remembered that both plants and
animals possess that ability, stemming from one of the "inherited records"
mentioned earlier, and giving rise to instincts for the purpose of
survival. So it is that plants, for example, have awareness of water,
light, temperature etc., and animals have awareness of danger, water and
food. They have additional awareness of role, rank and function. Animals of
the higher order display recognisable love etc. One essential difference I
feel between animals and humans is SELF-AWARENESS, although, perhaps, some
animals which seem to have more "intelligence" than others, might have a
degree of self-awareness. Some humans have the ability to be consciously
aware of more things than others, the reason being directly linked to the
critical faculty.

So, where humans are concerned, if a person is consciously aware of some
particular thing externally, or is mentally preoccupied with something in
his mind, depending upon the extent of that mental attention, so will other
events or objects be involved to a lesser extent in his mind. In my view,
so far as human consciousness is concerned, his awareness of himself and
the world around, the universe, love, other people, even his own bodily
functioning, etc.etc is solely dependent upon the operation of his critical
faculty or the extent of its non- or lesser activity. So it has been
observed that there are several states of consciousness in "man", and those
states are linked, I feel sure, with the extent of the activity of the
critical faculty. In an "altered state of consciousness" -- as
illustrated by hypnosis -- the critical faculty is very diminished,
possibly non-existent in some cases, which means that the hypnotised person
has little or no mental preoccupation and is paying more attention, and
therefore the route is open to creating more powerful records (more
dominating) in the brain. There are other methods of achieving altered
states of consciousness e.g.transcendental meditation, chanting etc., in
which case the brain- mind system of the person will be in a position of
greater awareness and receptiveness.


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