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Cry The Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope
by Dr. Vernon Neppe MD,PhD

Cry the Beloved Mind has the qualities of a classic-a new style of educating, a voyage of hope for those with difficulties and a wonderful introduction to the area for students of psychology, medicine, as well as members of family and friends of patients.

The book, Cry the Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope, is now available in many stores. Buy it on the web where you can purchase first edition copies, autographed on the title page by the author. Alternatively or additionally, an internet electronic downloadable version (in Mac or PC versions) is available from the book publisher, Brainquest Press. You will also be able to read an interview with the author and even make your own comments.

Who should read it:
Cry the Beloved Mind is very exciting because it is directed towards patients, families and general readers with an interest in Oliver Sacks type books as well as self-help. Students and colleagues in psychology, medicine and mental health have also found it fascinating. (More)

What is the theme?
The book reflects how the use of appropriate brain medications may produce enormous improvements in functioning. It is literally a voyage of hope and can be classified under self-help [see disclaimer] The book has several very important features: Its style of significant dialogue between doctor and patient and doctor and student makes it very readable. Its structure of a play within prose reflecting medical scientific information in the context of unique fascinating case histories drawn from composites of many real patients formalizes a whole new area of literature which Dr Neppe has called sciction (science through literature). It is written to educate and fascinate. It has enormous spice as well (see the back cover) discussing some fascinating dilemmas so it is about more than brain medication. We are able to share with Dr Neppe, some of his major discoveries as well as his vast clinical experience.

This is a book about hope: optimism for those with even the most extreme conditions of the mind. Those in distress will benefit enormously by the positive message of success. But then so will those interested in psychology, medicine or even a new style of writing.

We can identify compassionately with every unique and fascinating patient, learn to respect hem, and participate in an engaging medical detective mystery of finding solutions to the seemingly insoluble.

It has been very positively perceived by fellow authors, psychiatrists/ psychologists/ medical experts, patients and general readers. It is, in our opinion, a very valuable resource. Overall , we are very excited that this book is a major contribution. (see comments)

The author, Vernon Neppe has outstanding credentials. He is an internationally recognized pioneer in the fields of neuropsychiatry and psychopharmacology, and communicates that real caring, humanity, knowledge, humor, respect and warmth that we all want in our physicians.

Summary perspective:
This is a book you do not want to miss. Every page educates and enthralls the reader-whether patient, physician, intelligent general reader, student or therapist-touching important social issues ranging from gun control to informed consent. The book's broad spectrum engages interest while fascinating and teaching all at the same time.

Far more than pharmacology, this book delivers meaning for those who have lost it. Viktor Frankl did so in an abstract sense, and Norman Vincent Peale more pragmatically in his theological directions. This book promises to be the medical and pharmacological equivalent, unfolding through twelve chapters the hope that, by careful evaluation, patients can, should and will get better.

The chapters form a series of linked stories blending several real patients together into one using the new style of "sciction" and a style of a "play within prose". Through these fictitious case histories, Dr. Neppe explores how correction of the underlying biology of the brain can do wonders for one's mind. The use of extensive dialogue simplifies complex areas and allows easier targeting of specific areas of the book such as depression and anxiety, seizures, psychoses and movement disorders. Dr. Neppe provides insights into drug interactions as well as fashionable alternative medicines like St John's wort, so that it feels like one is consulting with this master clinician.

Innovative Psychopharmacotherapy

by Dr. Vernon Neppe 
Raven Press, New York. 1989, revised first edition 1990. (Raven Press have now merged with Lippincott in PA.). This book is no longer available in hard copy.
Brainquest Press have acquired rights to it and it is hoped that an electronic version will become available.

This medical book written for colleagues allowed a perspective of how innovative approaches to psychopharmacology could allow significant responses to medication. 

Overview of Innovative Psychopharmacotherapy

  1. Foreword: Tucker GJ 
  2. Preface: Neppe VM 
  3. Beta-blockers in Psychiatry, Neppe VM 
  4. Buspirone Anxioselectivity, Neppe VM 
  5. Schizophrenia Management, Neppe VM, Holden T 
  6. Non-responsive Psychosis, Neppe VM 
  7. Carbamazepine and Chindling, Neppe VM 
  8. Anticholinergic Applications in Psychoses, Neppe VM, Ward N 
  9. Vitamins in Psychiatry, Neppe VM, Serfontein W 
More about psychopharmacology.

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Book Picture

The Psychology Of Déjà Vu

by Dr. Vernon Neppe. 
Witwatersrand University Press, Johannesburg, South Africa. 1983

See the foreword.

This is the only published book on the déjà vu phenomenon. It relates to the most detailed scientific analysis of this 'impression of inappropriate familiarity' that exists and demonstrated that there are qualitative differences in the déjà vu experiences that occur in Normal subjects, Subjective Paranormal Experients, Temporal Lobe Epileptics and Schizophrenics. The book is now out of press and very few copies remain available. It is becoming  a major collector's item particularly as the printing was done in error with the side spine being left vacant. Because of this it is not available for purchase at present. However, has taken over it's copyright and produced an electronic (downloadable)book called Deja Vu Revisited, which is a major rewrite of The Psychology of Deja Vu. Enquiries at

The cover for The Psychology of Déjà Vu was designed by the gifted Toronto photographic artist, Warren Liebmann,  who used a special multiple exposure technique to attain this effect.

Neppe Déjà Vu Research and Theory and Various Manifestations of Déjà Vu

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