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The PNI is seeking collaborators on projects of mutual interest within the scientific community. The areas broadly covered by this website match our major interests. Possible honorary clinical or honorary academic appointments or links with the PNI exist in this regard. However, in that event, and in the context of any collaborative research work, our disclaimer applies to all such collaboration, implying, inter alia, that PNI or the collaborative researchers involved, cannot take responsibility for the ethics and methodologies of research outside their own settings. Whereas consideration of sponsorship or grant support for legitimate research activities, is always welcome, we anticipate most of the collaborative research on this site to be honorary and not sponsored on either side.

The object of such research collaboration may be interchange of ideas, propogation of knowledge, development of projects in a core interest group in a particular area, enlarging data bases, pooling research round the world, and publication. In the USA model, the principal author generally makes the choice as to final authorship, acknowledgments and content of articles and in the context of PNI projects such a principle will be followed. Any research involving the PNI should be approved by the PNI prior to publication.

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