Why Develop an Internet Journal

We want to develop a peer reviewed internet journal, provisionally called the Internet Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Psychopharmacology.

There are inherent advantages to such a journal. An original and basic purpose of the internet was propogation of academic interchange and ideas in an easy quick fashion. Perspectives impossible in print such as video graphics reflecting, for example, sequences in positron emission tomography or spectrographic MRI or clinical sequences in movement disorder are technically available. Moreover, the full text can immediately be read by colleagues, as opposed to printed journal articles where abstracts may be listed in various abstracting systems if they qualify. The internet communicates with the world and is not limited to a select group of specialists subscribing to a specific journal. Moreover, as required, the internet availability can be restricted when needed by password or other protection. Moreover, the internet provides access to quick refereeing of articles and rapid turnaround. It is already being recognized as a fluid medium which allows information which is current as opposed to journal articles which generally reflect work done a year or two before. Finally, and very important, the costs of production are far less than those of journals in print. The staffing, editorial and ancillary support requirements remain. However, the costs of printing and distribution do not. The net saving is estimated to be about two thirds.

Symposia Presentations

Ideally we want to focus each issue on particular subject matter. Consequently, single journal issues covering symposia presentations make ideal topics, particularly when these have been accredited (for example, as Continuing Medical Education).

However, despite the much smaller costs involved in such a publication compared with the printed mailed journal, they are still very substantial.

Manuscript preparation must meet Journal requirements, which are in accordance with "Uniform Requirements for Manu-scripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals" developed by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (JAMA I93 May 5;269:2282-2286). We are not yet accepting non-symposia based submissions to this journal.

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All publications are based on agreeing to our website disclaimer, express transfer of copyright, the finality of decisions made by the editor or his designated alternate and waiver of all and any legal claims by the authors, their families and any institutions involved. Moreover, the readers are subject to our disclaimer.


Adequate funding is necessary for this journal to be launched. In order for this journal to be successful, we need to receive unrestricted educational grant support. All refereeing and processing will be independent of any influence by sponsors. Please contact the PNI in this regard at EMail, phone or write to us. The PNI may also be able to assist in the setting up of such symposia.

Interest in the Editorial Board

Editorial boards traditionally are honorary positions which require expertise in special areas. Editorial board members frequently are involved in refereeing articles and making suggestions as to content and other suitability, and referees. Because of the internet medium, there could be more active interchange than with paper journal editorial groups.

We currently seek an appropriate editorial board. This board will be predominantly clinician based but we need statistical, psychological and basic science expertise as well as those with technical English language training.

If you fit these criteria, and want to apply to be a member of this editorial board, please register below. We want to make the board both national, within the United States, and international representing numerous countries and affiliations.

If you want to be considered to referee submissions but not for the editorial board, you may also complete the information below.

Interest in Editorial Boards or in article review

Our object is to develop an international editorial board from many countries and continents, in addition to local USA members. The editorial board at this point will be limited to Physicians and Academics. If you fit these criteria, and want to become part of the academic editorial board, please register below. If you want to be considered as a reviewer of articles please also register below. The editorial board automatically are article reviewers as well. We will reply in due course to you.

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