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    Sen Research Fellow

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    English (even Americanese) and imperfectly several others

About Me:
    Science Editor, Telicom.

    VERNON M. NEPPE MD, PhD(Med), FRSSAf, DFAPA, BN and NP (UCNS), FRCPC, FFPsych(SA), FCPsych, MMed (Psych), Diplomate ABPN (Certification Psychiatry; Extra Subcertifications: Geriatric Psychiatry; Forensic Psychiatry (-2004]), DABFM, DABFE, DABPS (Psychopharmacology), FACFE, LMACFE, FAPA, MB, BCh, DPM, BA (and now the new ISPE designation of SRSPE, of course!).

    I wear many hats reflecting several professions: Neuropsychiatrist, Behavioral Neurologist, Psychopharmacologist, Forensic Specialist, Epileptologist, Psychiatrist, Physician, Research Psychologist, Phenomenologist, Dimensional Biopsychophysicist / Parapsychological Researcher / Anomalistic Psychologist/ Consciousness Researcher, Author, Playwright, Philosopher, Professional Speaker and Academician.
    My latest professional endeavor, in addition to the above, is as a Vertical Medical Computer Software specialist. (I started careers before the computer days and am trying to make up the lost time!).

    But of all these my passion is writing, and particularly the development of new ideas, concepts and paradigms. The more I create, the more lateral thinking I do, the more satisfying I find the experience, but even more so, the more I have the opportunity to contribute.

    I am Director of the Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute in Seattle, WA and also (Adjunct Full) Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, St Louis University School of Medicine, St Louis, MO.

    I came from South Africa to the USA in 1986 (where I had been at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg) to establish and direct the first Division of Neuropsychiatry in a Department of Psychiatry in the USA (at the University of Washington—hence my being in Seattle). In between, I had spent some time at Cornell University Medical School in New York.

    You may be interested in my Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute website at It is large and covers numerous diverse topics such as Medicine and Psychiatry, Clinical work, some research, anomalous experience, philosophy and interesting topics—such as Beyond Democracy, the title of one of the books I'm currently writing.

    Many of my books are listed on (e.g. some of my books: "Cry the Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope", "Deja Vu Revisited" "Deja Vu: A Second Look", "Deja Vu: Glossary and Library”, How Attorneys Can Best Utilize Their Medical Expert Witness: A Medical Expert's Perspective; Play "Quakes" (If you want to purchase any put in the code 40VN0307, you will obtain a 40% reduction when ordering any of the above—only for ISPE-ers). The collector's item, The Psychology of Déjà Vu, is also on that site, but my book with a lengthy word in the title "Innovative Psychopharmacotherapy" is not available there, nor is my play, "Tomorrow the Earthquake".

    To read a little about me:: (general academic) (parapsychological researcher)
    Of course, for those of you who keep old issues, see my bio in Telicom (Neppe, V. M. One man, two continents, many voyages: Insights into the personal. Telicom. 2005; 18: 4, Nov. -Dec., 13-23.)

    More important than all this: I'm married 31 years to my special wife, Lis.
    We have two graduate children—a son, Jonathan, and daughter: Both are based in the Seattle Metropolitan area; Shari recently married and is studying Occupational Therapy. Then, of course, the other major member of the family is Fluffy Boy Junior. (There is no Senior—it is just in deference to our previous canine of the same Maltese genus, Snowy.)

    I keep rather busy with my writing —I'm currently working on several books and am developing the seeds for a new play. I continue in research in psychopharmacology, as well as developing new measuring instruments in neuropsychiatry and behavioral neurology. There is an enormous opportunity to collaborate with someone looking for publications in the areas of phenomenological analyses including subjective paranormal experience, temporal lobe phenomena, brain function, déja vu and dimensional biospsychophysics (including precognition): There is probably enough for 30 data based papers if a year was devoted to this— it is the young academics dream, surely? And it can be done remotely with today's technologies. Please contact me if you're interested.

    But my major challenge is a philosophical paradigm I've been working on for the past 20 years, now called Rotational (Vortex) Dimensionalism. It's a complex, esoteric, creatively challenging and multidisciplinary. RD is in an attempt at unifying our existence, and developing an all-encompassing framework involving N-dimensional reality and vortices. You may find an earlier version of it on the Internet as Vortex Pluralism: though outdated, it does give some ideas. You may also recognize terms like Vortex N-dimensionalism after that. Please ask me about it if you're interested. Possibly we can discuss RD on the Dimensional Biopsychophysics or the Philosophy Groups or on Science or Psychology or Mathematics: It's multidisciplinary emphasis allows many approaches. But please, we need to interchange to develop this paradigm.

    I am also involved in a project that should revolutionize the Internet: truly secure email called Zmail ( (See my recent paper on this: The email security-usability dichotomy: Necessary antinomy or potential synergism? Telicom. 2008; 21: 3, May-June, I5-31.). Zmail is extraordinarily important because it provides far the most adequate solution for the need for data privacy in Medicine, Law and Finance particularly—the Internet has literally been under threat with the potential of data and identity theft and interception of personal information.

    Then, of course, I enjoy my chess (now mainly against computers), table tennis, tennis, scrabble and computerized sodoku. I'm also an armchair sports enthusiast, having exchanged my South African origin cricket and rugby, for baseball and American football. Throw in some tennis and soccer as assists, with basketball and golf sometimes, too. (I once shot a 68 —impressed? So was I— I then went to the second hole!)

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